Our vision

We will change the world for the better by creating a more sustainable, electrical future.

 At Zaptec we’re on a journey to enable better personal mobility for the many. Born on the rugged west coast of Norway, where horizons stretch far, it’s clear to us that travel and exploration are a natural part of what makes us human. We’re passionate about finding and enabling better ways to travel.

We combine the latest tech with human-centred design to offer highly intuitive and efficient EV chargers that ensure easier access to personal electric transport.

By offering leading edge, green-tech charging solutions, we enable the electrification of the transport sector while giving people the freedom and potential to travel into a more sustainable future. So whether you’re planning a quick trip to the shops or aiming further into the distance, we’re passionate about being the power behind your journey.

Within just a few years, we’ve built our domestic market leading position by supplying superior charging installations for housing co-ops and private homes alike. And as a Norwegian EV pioneer, our goals are aimed on bringing the best charging technology from the coast of Norway to the rest of the world.

Our shareholders

One of our majority shareholders, Valinor, is a Norwegian family owned investment company that has a solid experience in building successful businesses. Valinor makes early-stage investments in cutting-edge companies to enable solutions for tomorrow. Their investments show a focused and long-term portfolio within renewable energy, infrastructure and aquaculture that focus exclusively on sustainable solutions.

Please read more about Valinor.

Globally involved

Since 2019 Zaptec have been a proud member of the UN Global Compact. This means that the company is supporting and implementing the ten principles within Human Rights, Labor, the environment and Anti-Corruption. 

Please read about Zaptec’s sponsorship of the UN Global Compact and our Communication of Progress for November 2020. 


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Management & Sales

Guy Haydon

Guy Haydon

UK Managing Director


(+44) 07949 409832 

Darren Gardner

Darren Gardner

UK Commercial Director


(+44) 07535 213153

Lindsay Yeoman

Lindsay Yeoman

Scotland Regional Director


+44 (0)7594649767 

Will Fowler

Will Fowler

Business Dev. Manager in Sales UK


+44 (0) 7399 116 193

Paul Pschierer-Barnfather

Paul Pschierer-Barnfather

Technical Director in Management UK


+44 (0)7949527417

Zaptec Awards

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Made in norway

2017 regional winner

Telenor´s greenovation award

2017 winner

Vebjørn Tandbergs Award

2016 winner

Norway tech award

2015 winner

Want to join our team? 

Do you want to develop new solutions for the future – to save the environment? Join us!

Zaptec is a fast-growing Norwegian technology company with a leading position in EV charging. Currently, we have a fantastic team of over 80 employees and are always looking for new talents and masterminds to join our organisation.

At Zaptec you will have exciting and challenging tasks. We are looking for employees that are responsible, quality conscious and customer oriented.

Zaptec ladekabel

Safety without comprimise

At Zaptec, safety is the top priority in everything we do. All solutions and components are carefully selected when we develop our charging system. We never compromise on safety.

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