Zaptec Go works with any car

No matter what you drive or where you’re going, Zaptec Go is the surest way to power your journey. Built on leading-edge Norwegian green technology, we’ve created an award-winning charger, that is as smart on the inside as it is simple on the outside.

Explore how Zaptec Go will fit with your car and home, and take you wherever you want to go.

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Safe arrival

every time

We understand that charging can feel a little scary. At Zaptec we’re as passionate about your safety as we are about electric transportation. Zaptec leads the EV charging market in safety and is certified with the highest safety standards.

Future-proof and up-to-date

Packed with state-of-the-art tech, and always online with WiFi or 4G LTE-M. 

Zaptec Pro is designed especially for smart charging in housing cooperatives, multi-family homes and large parking facilities.  

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See where our journey is taking us

Come visit our factory!

Come visit our factory!

Join us at our production partner Westcontrol, where the workers have felt their pulse racing due to the increased demand for electric car chargers.

Zaptec’s Safety Approach

Zaptec’s Safety Approach

We’ve recently received a lot of questions about how the Zaptec charging units meet and verify the safety requirements stated in product standards and installation norms. We want to inform you about the safety highlights for Zaptec Pro and Zaptec Go.

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